Catalog Tutorials

Keep your catalog fresh! 

Help insurance agents work smarter by providing them with the most current company information.  

Make your catalog searchable, add branding and a description about your company.  

My Dashboard>Catalog>Catalog Preview and View Tutorial

Make sure agents know how to contact your company. 

Most catalogs say “See Contacts Page” in the header area.  Step 3 is where you add multiple company contacts.  If you are truly the ONLY person to contact, then add your contact information to the header area.

My Dashboard>Catalog>Header Contact>View Tutorial

Add additional information including a list of company contacts.  Create forms, and add hyperlinks.

My Dashboard>Catalog >Pages>View Tutorial

Add Posts.  Posts can be viewed online, downloaded or email shared.  Add almost any file type including video.

My Dashboard>Posts>View Tutorial

Use banners and graphics sections to direct agents to the most important content.  Organize your catalog into post sections to make it easy for agents to find content.  

My Dashboard>Catalog>Catalog Sections>View Tutorial