Insurance Programs

Convey Insurance Network

Convey Insurance combines an online technology portal with marketing outreach to provide a single location for the members of master agency networks to come to one site for carrier & vendor information, incentives and training. Vendors and Carriers use Convey Insurance as a "hub site" to maintain and manage their content catalog and duplicate its contents on any other Convey insurance site.

Convey Portals

Convey Portals deliver customized content, marketing, and training web portals, connecting them into networks to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Master Agency Networks, Agency Partnerships, Alliances or Clusters use Convey as an online platform to engage and inform agency members and their employees. They invite their vendor and carrier partners to maintain and manage a content catalog that appears on their portal. Catalogs function as both educational and promotional tools because they contain valuable content, training, and events for agency members.


The Convey Insurance Network provides a more efficient process to directly connect with, educate and influence independent insurance agents and their producers. Vendors and carriers control the content, banner ads and pages inside their catalog gaining direct access to a motivated agency community who is being encouraged by Convey to visit the site.

Agent Engagement

Convey collaborates with the Master Agency Network to drive traffic to the site. Each week, agents receive an email newsletter with links to new content, incentives, upcoming events and featured vendors and carriers. Convey refreshes the home page weekly with new banners, features and popular content.  Discussion forums allow agency owners and employees to ask questions, explore topics and get information from each other.

Join Convey Insurance

Any vendor or carrier can belong to Convey Insurance if they are invited to join a Convey insurance site. As each new Convey site comes online, authorized vendors and carriers are contacted and added.

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