Technology Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Technology Marketplace?

The Technology Marketplace is an educational content catalog for insurance agencies and producers to learn more about technology that helps automate the business, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

What type of content & education can I find in the Technology Marketplace?

We curate educational content on technology trends and in specific technology categories and add it to the Technology Marketplace.  We look for content that is current (2015 or later), easy to read, has educational value and profiles services that benefit the insurance agency.

What type of technology are you profiling?

We profile general technology trends in insurance, but focus on basic technology services that all small businesses need such as phone systems, network services, security services, marketing automation, and managed IT services,

Do you profile specific technology providers in the Technology Marketplace?

No. Technology categories are profiled, but the marketplace does not promote specific vendors. If you are interested in learning more about a service, you can express interest in being connected to a vendor that sells that type of service. 

How do I express interest in learning more about a specific technology?

Before each section, there is a description of the type of content posts you will find inside along with a button that allows you to express interest in learning more or getting connected to a provider of the type of services you are interested in. Press the button and you are taken to a page that allows you to tell us who you are, what you are interested in, and how you would like to be contacted.

What happens next when I ask to learn more or be connected to a technology provider?

When you fill out the form, you tell us how you want to be contacted.  Only one provider of the service you are interested in will get in touch to give you more information, give you a quote for services or help you make a purchase.

How are the technology providers selected for the Technology Marketplace?

The provider of our member portal has developed relationships with many vendors that serve the telecommunications, cloud and IT services space.  They have selected an elite group of providers that specialize in serving the small to medium-sized business, have preferred pricing, and understand the insurance agency.

Can I give feedback on any technology provider I'm in touch with?

Yes.  There are two ways to share your experience.  You can do this in the discussion forum or fill out the feedback form inside the Technology Marketplace.