Convey Services

Our Mission

Deliver portal services that create a virtual
destination keeping audiences connected,
engaged and educated.

Engagement Platform as a Service

We revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences through our cutting-edge Engagement Platform as a Service (EPaaS). Our platform provides businesses with a suite of powerful tools and solutions that enhance employee or customer interaction and drive meaningful engagement. With EPaaS, companies can effortlessly craft personalized content, deliver targeted messaging, and analyze user behavior for informed decision-making. Whether it's dynamic webinars, interactive training modules, live or on-demand video or engaging multimedia content, our platform seamlessly integrates them all into a single easy to manage online solution. .EPaaS is highly customizable, adapting to your specific needs and branding. 

The Hub & Spoke Network

Convey offers seamless connectivity through our innovative Hub and Spoke technology allowing businesses to effortlessly maintain and update their network with content and education.. The hub site serves as a dynamic nucleus, effortlessly connecting to portals in their network. Updates and additions ensure that the entire network stays current, relevant, and aligned with your brand's messaging. This unique architecture not only streamlines content delivery but also ensures consistency across all touchpoints.

Virtual Care for Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Programs

InterAct LifeLine provides treatment programs with a turnkey technology solution to deliver virtual care to patients and their families designed for extended connections to care.  Participants benefit by having convenient access to a multi-modal care program that includes content and education, online support groups, telehealth visits, community features and accountability through personal calendars and reminders.  Programs benefit by keeping extended relationships with their clients, generating incremental revenue and improving outcomes.

InterAct LifeLine