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Launched in 2013

Convey began as a software developed by Copper Services, an audio and web conferencing company providing Copper's 3,000+ corporate clients an efficient way to manage marketing webinars and host webinar recordings. Copper Services was acquired in 2013 by Premier Global (PGI) allowing Convey Services to become a separate company focused on portal technology

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Channel Markets

Convey focused on helping industries with indirect sales channels better connect service providers and carriers to channel sellers.  In 2014, Convey created a network for the telecommunications and cloud industry, ultimately providing portals for over 40 master agents, growing the network to 30,000 sales partners. That same year, a network was established for master agencies in the property and casualty insurance market to engage their independent agency members and producers.

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Producer Relationship Management

Convey launched feature-rich partner relationship management solutions for carriers and vendors to organize, inform and engage producers.  PRM systems included easy to use CRM systems, an email message library for custom messages and newsletters, a content management system, and detailed analytics to track activity.  Any PRM system could be directly connected to the Convey Insurance network to update master agency network portals.

Delivering Email Campaign Technology

In 2018, Convey launched Conduct™, a unique marketing service for portal members. Conduct allows for a centralized creation of email marketing campaigns, that are delivered to members of a portal form them to distribute to their prospects and customers. Campaigns have 4 outbound emails, a sign-up page, branded for each portal member. The contact manager inside Conduct allows the organization of contacts and uses ListLock™ to protect each list.

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Cloud Conventions

In 2020, the business world turned upside down as COVID-19 forced companies to virtualize at an accelerated pace.  Convey launched the telecommunications and channel’s largest virtual trade show and conference, and then launched the Cloud Conventions program for organizations to use Convey’s robust platform to manage all aspects of virtual events conferences and trade shows.  Cloud Conventions replaces live trade shows, conferences and other events with a single platform offering a fully-managed website with a continuous stream of content, email marketing technology, and a CRM system to manage customers and prospects.   Visit Cloud Conventions

ConveyOne Agency Platform

Convey launched ConveyOne™, an all-in-one platform for the independent agency that wanted an easier way to have an updated website, a CRM system to manage customers and prospects, be able to use email marketing and have a way to provide an updated resource library.  ConveyOne™ consolidates these functions under one platform and connects platforms to a centralized hub site for updates.

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Taking on the Opioid Crisis

In 2019, Convey created a wholly-owned subsidiary, InterAct LifeLine, to offer technology services to the substance abuse and addiction industries. InterAct’s turnkey program leverages its portal technology integrated with a mobile platform to keep individuals and their families connected to treatment and support communities to reduce relapse and promote recovery. InterAct is currently piloting the service with collegiate recovery and treatment programs.  Visit InterAct LifeLine